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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not great....not terrible...

So today we met with the perinatalogist again for the follow-up fetal echo and growth scan.

Good news...
  • The heart wall is not more thickened than the last time.
  • The fluid around the heart is no worse either.
  • The baby is measuring at 6 lbs 2 oz  which is the 53%ile!!  (This is great for baby!  I am a little nervous as C was our biggest baby at 6 lbs 6 oz---This baby could be HUGE in comparison--not so great for mama;)
Not so great news...
  •  During the ultrasound it was noted that the blood pressure flow was high in the umbilical cord.  So this is apparently an issue that could cause greater problems (low birth weight, placenta deterioration, for example).  
These blood flow issues could all lead to baby coming into the world sooner than expected.  Also, if this went undetected, it could lead to a stillbirth.  WHAT?!?!  From here on out, I will be monitored twice a week.  Once at the peri's office for a biophysical profile ultrasound (to monitor heart rate, breathing, movement) and once at the OB's office for a check-up and NST. 

As far as baby's heart, the pediatric cardiologists will perform an echo once he is born.

And more so....
I am freaking out.  Finally (some would say).  I really feel like I have taken much of the past months news in stride because I knew I would have a little squirt to snuggle and love in whatever form.  But I have to say, when the conversation leads to possibly losing your child, a diagnosis like DS became the last thing on my mind.  When the doc mentioned that stillbirth was a risk, I almost lost it.  However I think I hid it pretty well until the parking lot with B.

I feel more like a ticking time bomb than ever.

We will be induced around New Year's if baby is not already here.  Hoping and praying that he will stay cooking as long (and a safely!) as possible.  We are so grateful for the amazing team at our new peri's office. 

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