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Friday, December 28, 2012

He is here!!

Our newest little guy has finally arrived,
We knew he'd be extra special for quite some time.
A blessing from God like all the others,
Poor Miss Kate-3 little brothers!
Join in out excitement and incredible joy,
As we introduce Owen our precious baby boy!

Owen Henry Jacob
1:04 pm
7 lbs 7 oz
19 inches

He is here!! After an appt with the peri Thursday, they noted an increase in fluid around his heart and recommended we induce to get him here so we could have him evaluated. We didn't tell many people and went in at 8 am on Friday. They broke my water at 10:20 am and he joined the world at 1:04 pm! What a couple of hours!

He is our biggest baby by a pound and has chubby cheeks and reddish hair--what a doll! We were able to spend time with him after birth and that was wonderful! He nursed right away and has great muscle tone.

They ran several tests in the nursery and he started to have some issues, so his newborn nursery stay was short-lived, though.  He was admitted to the NICU in the early evening.

Tonight the cardiologist checked him out and found NO heart issues--amen! Nearly half of all babies with DS have some problems here so we are feeling incredibly blessed.

He was having some issues with his oxygen levels in his arms/legs, however, so he was sent to the nicu. This was disappointing and nerve wracking, but he is looking great! He is on a low oxygen level mixed with room air. They believe he has extra hemoglobin in his blood which was thickening it so it was harder for him to get it moving around his body, especially his extremities. So...they did a procedure to exchange out some blood for saline to dilute his blood, essentially. I will be heading up to check on him in a few hours to see how that did.

It was a long day and I will write more about his birth story and upload pics tomorrow, but we are so grateful that he is doing well and praising the Lord that he is safely here with us!

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  1. Congrats, Jenny!! So fun to catch up on your journey. He is SO CUTE with those chubby cheeks!!

    -Sally Brown


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