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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can you hear me now?

Today O goes for hisABR hearing test.  Hoping that they can get an accurate test completed at that we have some answers by the end of the day. 

With babies with DS, it can be really difficult to get an accurate hearing test complete because of their tiny ear canals.  This is so true for Owen and I am hoping that is the reason the screenings have all been failed (also not uncommon with the diagnosis). 

The test can last up to a few hours and I need to keep him asleep.  This will prove to be the interesting part as the little stinker is really starting to be awake a lot more during the day. 

The great thing we have noticed is that it seems he is reacting more (and becoming irritated by) sounds around him; namely those made by older siblings.  You can imagine the volume that occurs in a small house with 3+ children. During the winter.  When they can't run off as much energy. 
Poor Owen.

So we will see what is up (hopefully) today.

Cutest thing from this week....We were watching Spy Kids 4.  For those of you who haven't seen it, the boy in the movie, Cecil, wears hearing aides.  Kate watches and says "Wow!  Owen could get really cool blue hearing aides if he needs them.  Wouldn't that be awesome?"  Then she and Andy began a debate as to what color would really be the best.  (Andy is partial to green or orange)

A heart hug!   They help me to see the positive (or at least not so scary) side of things.  What a gift my kids are to me!

Other than the hearing test, we are doing well here. 

Colton is starting to walk around more, although it is clear his leg is still tender and not 100%.  He goes back for a re-check in 2 weeks.

Kate and Andy are doing great.  Now that things have calmed here a bit, that has helped us have more time as a family and one-on-one with these two also.  They have been SO helpful with Colton especially and I am so glad that they are willing to step in and help out. 

The other "big" thing is starting to move forward with our new home adventure.  We are starting to interview builders and I am so excited to begin the process and have some additional space for our family.  This will also be an extra addition to the crazy here- but well worth it!

BTW--after my last post I got several messages from dear friends checking in on me.  I really am OK.  It just was one of those days.  (Could be hormones too!)  I just need to take those moments for what they are when they come and move forward.  Which is not so hard when (at least) 2 little ones need you. 

Keeping the faith!  (JT, do you see the BJB reference???  Is it April yet!?!?)

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