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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ABR -- Take 1

Owen was a perfect patient today during his hearing test. He was hooked up to several things, but I got to snuggle him the whole time and he slept like a baby :)

The really good news: He is NOT deaf!  (Honestly, before this week when he started to be more irritated while he slept, I thought this was a definite possibility)

The other news: As of now, he has mild-moderate hearing loss in both ears.  It is conductive hearing loss, so it could very well be temporary or due to fluid in his ears.  Because of his tiny ear canals, they cannot rule the fluid in or out at this point.

Our plan:  Redo the test in 2 months.  If there is still hearing loss at that point, he will get teeny, tiny hearing aides and his speech development should be on track still.  This is good news.

As goes most things in our life, "Time will tell!"

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  1. Ahh our little ones and their tiny ears! We go back in April for the sedated ABR for Kayla. I hope everything goes well in 2 months!


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