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Monday, May 6, 2013

4 months and rolling right along

This was an exciting and frustrating week.

Let's start with the frustration....
I LOVE polka dots! I, however, do not like them on my children.

Thursday morning it was clear something was going on with the little guy. The night before B had noticed some dots on his face. By the next day, they were popping up everywhere, literally from head to toe.

It was awful.

There were 3 possible culprits in my mind.
1. My mom (to clarify, she was visiting and snuggling and I suspected it might be her laundry soap or perfume at first--out kids have the most sensitive skin!)
2. Immunizations that he had on Monday.
3. Antibiotics from the ear infection.

After calling the doctor, they felt since it was everywhere (even between his toes!) that is was most likely a reaction to his meds. Thankfully he was almost done, so we discontinued them. And now, by Sunday, he is cleared up.


He looked awful and thankfully was not in pain or discomfort. We are good to go for the next stretch now.

And now the exciting news.... We have a roller!!! (and I finally have video evidence to support this claim!)

He had been rolling a bit this week, only when we are not in the room or looking directly at him. Stinker.

Well this weekend he has started to go crazy with it! He hardly stays on his back now and is scooting in circles! So cute to watch. It is really nice because I think it has really helped some further neck control, which is getting stronger too. So fun to see him work on milestones and reach them.

Taking it all as it comes and feeling blessed for the day :)

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