Our journey through a prenatal Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) diagnosis and beyond

I wish it were possible to recognize at the beginning of our life’s story what an incredible journey we are truly on. If so, I would have sat down years ago and begun documenting all the ordinary and extraordinary events in this amazing life I have been blessed with. Sometimes, though, it may take just one more thing to open your eyes into the beauty of the life you have led and causes you to pause and truly count the blessings that are now so many they will never be enumerated.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My heart is FULL

This weekend I had one of those moments that you continue to replay in your head and that come not too often.

I got to meet some of the FB mom group IN REAL LIFE.  Complete with babies and hugs.


I have never had a moment like this.  I couldn't wait to hug moms and babies that I have watched grow over the past 6 months. I was emotional to think about the journey that we have all traveled together.  It was truly amazing to be with people who get it. Who I can post to or message anytime of day or night and feel part of something greater and not so alone in this.

I am so grateful to have met these women and their adorable kids.  That they are willing to share all that goes with this with me is something special. 
 My heart is full. 

Full of love for my family for making it possible for us to go and meet these families. (10 hours in the car is no small feat for a family of 6!)

Full of hope that our kids will have such a bright future and that we are never alone in this journey.

Full of faith in humanity as we move forward in this adventure.

Full of memories had and those yet to come. 


A lovely mom took some pics of the weekend and I will be checking with the moms to be sure that I can post them here soon.  I cannot wait to share with all of you the beautiful kids and families I have come to know all because of this pesky extra chromosome.  Until the "official" pics are up, here are a few of O and his buddy N.  Blessed to have connected with an awesome mom (who happens to not live too far away!) and getting to spend time with them this weekend.


  1. So jealous that you ladies got to meet up! Perhaps we'll meet some day as well. Hugs to you all!

  2. This was all possible because of you my friend! I'm so blessed to know such amazing women! I wish I could have spent more time with you guys, but I'm glad we got the time we did!


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