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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anti-climatic appointment

So.... I was really hoping for more out of our appointment yesterday with the perinatalogist. I am 29 weeks--woo-hoo-- and we were thinking we would get some good info.

The tech did her thing and then she went to get the doc. She measured several things and looked at the heart a bit. Before she got the doc, I mentioned the "goals" of the appt were to check out the bowel for blockages and recheck the heart. She nodded and went to get the doc.

He came in and took a look at the heart again and mentioned that the right side was a but thicker, but everything was functioning properly. I asked about next steps and he said that we didn't need to do anything about it and they would do an echo on the baby after it is born. Then he mentioned about switching providers and asked where we would be delivering.  After that, I got the feeling that they were kind of just brushing us off because of the health system provider switch. 


Not really what I envisioned from the appt today. They didn't even mention anything about the other markers from before. Here is sweet baby's face :)

I should be grateful that there were no "real" issues that came up, but I am frustrated.  I have my appointment with the OB next week, so I plan to ask about all this then and see if they feel I should see the Iowa Health peri instead.  I also have Colton's 15 month check up with the ped next week, so I will ask her opinion too.

I really despise the medical part of life sometimes.  You really must be your own advocate and be on top of everything.  This makes me a bit nervous for what may come ahead.  But until we know more, we will continue on!

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