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I wish it were possible to recognize at the beginning of our life’s story what an incredible journey we are truly on. If so, I would have sat down years ago and begun documenting all the ordinary and extraordinary events in this amazing life I have been blessed with. Sometimes, though, it may take just one more thing to open your eyes into the beauty of the life you have led and causes you to pause and truly count the blessings that are now so many they will never be enumerated.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Card Season!

It's that time of year again--holiday card season!

I LOVE our family photos so much this year, so they are of course our holiday cards.  We may never have another family pic where everyone is looking so good at the same time, so I will milk this for all it is worth ;)

Here's a sneak peek (and major props, still, to Aubrey Kinzie Photography!)

The other reason I LOVE this is because it is an excellent way to share our family with others.  Although I don't see it day to day, our family does have something unique going on -- all those redheads! Oh, yes, and Down syndrome, too, but we ALWAYS get comments about those little gingers of ours ;)

At DSDN, we want families to include medical providers and other professionals on their holiday card list.  What a great way to remind doctors about our families and for them to see our families through the years!  I also plan to send a note to my first OB/GYN so he can see what we are up to these days.

Will you join us again this year?

Many thanks to those that have worked towards this mission too! (Thanks Campbell and Mark!)

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